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We are dreamers

A flash of an idea. That’s all it took in 2013 to ignite the notion for a different kind of digital agency—one passionately committed to delivering insightful strategies and evolving one’s online imagination to inspire and motivate people to act. We are Lumos, and we are online revolutionists.


Comprised of web designers, public relation professionals, content writers and more. We have lived in industries that are constantly looking for the next big things. We strive to find things big things and make our mark.


Communication is powerful. We’ve been in awe time and time again from the change that strong communication can initiate. We love using this power to create positive emotions both in business and out.

We are honest

We are responsible for what we put out in the world. Like our mothers used to say, what you do in this world is how you’ll be remembered. We focus on making sure our final product is exactly what you’re looking for and improves your business for the better.

Lumos Creative

Here are a few basic rules we live by:


  • We ask, listen and understand

    Each time we start a project begin by learning who you are, what you’re trying to do and why. This allows us to be strategic and customize any communication to express those three things accurately.

  • We collaborate
    with our clients

    Good design and strategy doesn’t come in a flash of inspiration or appear out of thin air. It’s a collaborative process of discovery that takes proper communication, patience and experience. We make sure you’re involved each and every step of the way, incorporating feedback at each stage until the design is finalized.

  • we are on time
    and on budget

    We determine the scope of the project, create a budget and timeline, and once they’re approved, we stick to them. Just to make sure, we do weekly status checks on progress and deadlines to keep everyone – you included – on track.

  • We work in small teams

    We see it all the time, people go looking for any creative service and all of these companies go throwing your project to department after department and before you know it, you have 10 people contacting you on your one project. At Lumos, we keep our teams small, agile and focused on you. Your project stays with a team dedicated to you.


  • Creating outside the box

    We do every project super-creatively. To make sure the voice of your brand is truly unique and powerful. In a world full of competition, it’s extremely noisy – but we’ll make sure your project is the loudest.

  • We design for human,
    not robots

    We make things people actually enjoy using! We make things that are easy to interact with. Our focus is to build a user experience that makes your customers love your product.

  • Creative emotions

    Our vision has always been to create emotional connections between an audience and the digital experiences we design. We focus on making technology more accessible, relevant and personal. Lumos represents new possibilities between people, brands they love and the emotional connection between them.

  • We strive to be original

    While it sometimes feels like every idea in the world has been thought of. We believe creativity is boundless and endless so we don’t stop until our idea is one of a kind.

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