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People are flooded with emails. Why should they read yours?


Effective Email Marketing

The more fine-tuned an email campaign is, the more likely it’ll engage consumers. Creatications understands the importance of design and the interaction between technology and human behavior in effective email marketing.

Our Focus:

  • Canadian operated and hosted to comply with national privacy laws
  • Compatible in both English and French
  • With best practices followed to minimize spam complaints

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The Email Agency That Drives Revenue

Whether consulting on specific challenges such as email deliverability issues, campaign-based strategies, or delivering widespread email marketing recommendations, our email-marketing consultants cover the bases. They provide you with a prioritized list of suggested improvements that will work for your organization.


  • For your company’s size
  • B2C and B2B email marketing
  • To avoid mistaken spam classification

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Email Marketing Super Heroes

Everyone wants the opportunity to be a superhero. Here at Lumos, we like to think of ourselves as email marketing superheroes. We believe email should bring happiness by solving problems and creating positive emotional responses. We are all kids at heart. That is why we use our imagination to create email-marketing campaigns that outperform the cookie-cutter, by-the-book approach. Feel free to send us capes any time you like.


  • Automated integration with website subscriptions
  • Unsubscribe functionality
  • Pre-scheduled delivery date and time capabilities
  • Real-time tracking & monitoring capabilities

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Stunning, Creative Email Marketing Designs

First impressions are key. An outstanding brand identity is what you need to woo your customers. If your first impression is not memorable, customers will ultimately be unsatisfied. Lumos offers custom email creation, allowing you to trust the professionals with creating a unique, branded email design that reflects your company values and keeps your branding consistent.

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