Video Production

Everybody loves watching movies. It’s great to suspend reality to see stories come alive on screen…

…and although we probably won’t get you on the big screen, we can entertain your customers by telling your story through a well-executed video production.


First Impressions Last

Video is an in demand power that many brands are increasingly starting to use. Lumos wants to tell your brand’s story, communicate a product or service, or energize social media. We have the knowledge, experience and team to bring your ideas to life. We provide creative direction, strategy and storyboarding for both animation and live action video to extend brand messaging to every audience.

Let’s Make An Impression

Make your Mark With A Video

Time is money. As is patience. The longer people have to spend on your website, brochure or email to find the information they need, the less likely they are to buy your product or service.

This being said, video is instant. Enormous books can be condensed into an hour and a half for the cinema and the same belief applies to corporate information.

Make Your Mark

Tell Your Story Through Video

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes reach their audience, tell their story and achieve their goals through video.

Tell Your Story


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